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Fibre Content and Care Instructions
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Cotton Hand wash with care at 30C. Dry on hanger. Warm iron.
'Checkmate' Jacket. Left-hand Fastening 'Checkmate' Jacket. 'Checkmate' Jacket. Fabric view 'Checkmate' Jacket. Pocket view
A   small   tartan-like   pattern   in   browns,   naturals   and   navy   gives   this   jacket   an   almost   sporting   look.   The   outer   layer   is   of   soft   cotton (possibly   with   a   mix   of   wool)   and   the   inner   lining   is   of   strong   cotton   twill   in   a   pale   grey.   It   is   left   fastening   with   4   small   leather buttons and twill loops.
12-18 mths Back length: 35cm Shoulder + sleeve 37cm