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Information and sizings
Adults Waistcoats Each fully-lined garment is unique having different design elements. Please read the individual descriptions.
‘Echoes of Foliage’ aw-01
‘Cottage Garden’ aw-02
‘Workers Waistcoat’ aw-03
‘Rippling Stream’ aw-04
‘Bow Ties’ 3 yrs
‘Antique Lace’ 3-4 yrs
‘White Heart’ 3-4 yrs
‘Flowers and Bows’ 3-4 yrs
‘Dusky Pink’ 2-3 yrs
‘Satin Leaf’ 2-3 yrs
‘Fruit Bowl’ 3 yrs
‘Tulips’ 2-3 yrs
‘Summer Heat’ 2-3 yrs
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‘Checkmate’ 12-18 months
‘Flower Garden’ 12-18 months
‘Jungle Fever’ Up to 12 months
‘Three Plus Four’ 12-18 months
‘Cherry Red’ Up to 12 months
‘Colours of the Sea’ 2-3 years
Hooded, lined jackets for those in-between seasons generously cut and easily fitted over sweaters on colder days. The pockets made of the lining material are set into the side seams and the sleeve cuff and hood can be turned back for contrast.
‘Special Occasion’ Dresses ‘In Between Seasons’ Jackets
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'Fruit Bowl' Girls Dress
‘Country Garden’ 1 4-5 yrs
‘Country Garden’ 2 4-5 yrs
‘Gardening Apron’ 9-10 yrs
‘Gardening Apron’ 10-11 yrs SOLD!
‘Dungarees 1’ 4-5 yrs
‘Dungarees 3’ 4-5 yrs
‘Dungarees 2’ up to 18 month
‘Halter-neck Dress’ 3 yrs
‘Halter-neck Dress’ 3 yrs